Alain & Cheryl dancing tango

Alain & Cheryl

We believe that Argentine Tango is for everyone – at least everyone who hears “the call”.  Whether first engaged by tales of its rich history, moved by its emotionally charged music, or inspired by the sight of a dance unfolding, most people find something undeniably transformative about this marvelous art.

Tango does not need to be the center of your universe in order for you to experience its power.  We welcome you to discover its stories, stars, and codes right here on this site, but more than that, we hope to bring you the tools to genuinely dance it and thus “live the dance”, if only for the duration of a song.

We are Alain Guillot (become my Facebook Friend) and Cheryl Williams, dance teachers and former owners of the Montreal dance studio, Dance Conmigo.  We met at a party in which Cheryl was guest-teaching a class of Ballroom-style Tango (also called American Tango).  Curious about this standardized version of his beloved Argentine Tango, Alain attended the class but soon converted his future partner to his profound and passionate dance.

We have taught hundreds of students since we first met in 2006, many of whom have complimented us for our “warm and friendly, no-fuss” teaching style.  Inspired by their enthusiasm and a growing online fan base for our tango videos, we have created this site.  We hope you will join us.

Remember: Time spent dancing tango… is time eternal.  Welcome to Tangotime :)

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